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Proconse is a Consulting Engineering and Project Management practice with substantial experience in civil and structural engineering projects.

The company is representative of indigenous people who were previously disadvantaged in South Africa.

Welcome to Proconse Consulting Engineering



(To see people prosper)
The word prosper is often interpreted only in terms of financial wellness. This does not reflect the full meaning, financial abundance is a portion of true prosperity. It is when a person flourishes in all spheres of human wellness.

Proconse vision is to see that our involvement aid people as individuals, communities and organizations to prosper. (TO SEE THAT PEOPLE PROSPER)

We have identified four groups of people which we could effectively influence:

  • Communities living in developing countries. Through our services we will improve their environment with roads, buildings and basic services. We consider them to be our real but indirect client group.
  • Clients representing various communities. Our direct client groups are governmental and business organizations. Business aims to create value for communities through economic activity. Our young democratic government is mandated to eleviate poverty and stimulate sustainable growth. We want to partner with them in achieving these goals.
  • Employees are our greatest asset. They turn knowledge and experience into value for our clients. Their innovative designs and diligent project management improves the living conditions of many communities. We aim to assist our staff to grow to their full potential.
  • Shareholders will reap the rewards of a successful business, assisting clients to fulfill their respective mandates and empowering employees to grow.


(To be a leading provider of engineered development solutions)
We will continuously improve our ability to design, and mange the implementation of infrastructure projects.

To be a leading provider of engineered development solutions:

  • Provide top rate returns on investments for our shareholders,
  • Be the employer of choice for our employees,
  • Be a trusted advisor to our clients regarding infrastructure development,and  
  • Be an aid to communities towards the enrichment of their standard of living.


The values listed in this section reflect the climate within Proconse. Climate comprises the philosophy, attitudes and spirit which permeates our organisation.

Our core values are:

  • Partnership
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
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